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All Natural Products
for Men

Our line of male beauty products have been specifically created with men in mind. Our various products help men maintain beautiful, healthy skin, with a more subtle, masculine aroma.

Fragrances for Men

  • Black Butter

  • Bob Marley (type)

  • Bond #9 (type)

  • Drakkar (type)

  • Ed Hardy (type)

  • High Cotton

  • Hypnosis (type)

  • Issey Miyake (type)

  • JPG

  • Obama (type)

  • Polo Black (type)

  • Polo Blue (Type)

  • Polo Red (Type)

  • Unforgivable (Type)


40 is the new 25!

"I just thought about something! You know they say 40 is the new 30...well with your Silky Shea butter, they are going to be saying 40 is the new 25!"


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