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Why Silky Shea?

The silky shea butter brand consists of fragrance shea butter body washes and sugar scrubs. As we look to expand the name and the brand, our customer service and the quality of our product are Our MAIN Focus. Natural & Holistic are just a few of our Guarantees. In the future, we also aim to include recycled packaging as part of our future goals.

Passion and an Amazing Product ​

The Silky Shea Brand has established a consumer retail following and loyalty from a diverse customer base. The Knoble Family and the rest of the Silky Shea Team are passionate about delivering the best possible holistic product, with the highest standards of quality. The amazing range of fragrances matches the company's drive to provide its customers with the very best selection possible. The team works great together and truly enjoys working with their customers and building relationships that will last. 



Treatment of Dry Skin, eczema, and minor burns 


Pain relief from swelling and arthritis


Improves muscle relaxation and stiffness


Sunscreen, due to its high content for Vitamins E & F


Treats dark spots, skin discolorations, stretch marks, wrinkles, and blemishes 


Massages, diaper rash, and as a hair conditioner 

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